Welcome to the Saint Katherine HEC Ellinomatheia Test Center (Code: 10027)

Saint Katherine serves as one of the oldest Ellinomatheia test centers and the only one in the DC area.

Ellinomatheia 2024 Dates and Registration

Thank you to all who registered with us for the Ellinomatheia 2024 exams! Best of luck on your results and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

If you have any additional questions, please email sskrepetou@stkchurch.com. Good luck! Καλή Τύχη!

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Application User Manual in Greek

Application User Manual 2019

Instructions to fill in the online application


Ellinomatheia Exams and Seal of Biliteracy in the USA

Click on the link and scroll down on the page to read which states (11) in the US have included Ellinomatheia Certificate under the Seal of Biliteracy program.

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Guide to the examinations of attainment in Greek

English and Greek version available. Click and download the pdf.

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Greek Language Certification - General information

The benefits of Ellinomatheia are extensive and include the following


By successfully passing the Exams, the student receives a certificate that proves the level of proficiency in the Greek language.


The process of taking an Ellinomatheia Exam not only helps the students build good test-taking skills in a different language but also gives them the motivation to study the language in depth and follow a rigorous academic program.


By passing the Ellinomatheia Exams, students can also gain course credit within their High Schools and Colleges. For example, Virginia, Maryland, and at least 9 other states recognize the Level B1 and above as proof of language proficiency in modern Greek. As a result, our students can submit the B1 certificate to their High School to be awarded a Seal of Biliteracy on their High School diploma.